The Five Steps to Reducing Recruitment Stress

Whether you are recruiting an IFA Administrator, Paraplanner or an Adviser, it’s likely you will feel the pressure to get it right throughout the hiring process. For SMEs like us, a new hire is an investment that can have a big impact on your existing team and the wider business. 

To ensure a smooth, successful hire, we’re sharing five of our stress reducing top tips you can revisit throughout recruiting. 

– You’ll know the role you are recruiting for but take time to establish the best suited job title and write out the key objectives that you want the candidate to achieve. These objectives should be SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time bound). Have these ready ahead of reviewing CVs or interviewing candidates. 

– Define what skills and behaviour this person will need in order to achieve success within your team. Don’t leave anything out. If you are aware of a skills gap in your team, look for a candidate who shows strength in those areas. 

– List out the skills that are essential for the candidate to hit the ground running and then those that can be developed through training. For progressive roles, these skills could be learned through education or ‘on the job’ training and progression paths. Before interviewing, be clear in your mind if you are looking for a career candidate or a candidate keen to progress within your organisation. 

– When you are clear on who you are looking for and what they will bring to the team, it’s time to think about where you are going to find and how best to attract the right candidates. Where will they be looking, what will entice them to join you? If you are looking for a specialist role, think specialist! Use recruiters who understand your industry or industry specific job boards. 

Remember that your recruitment advert is ‘selling’ your organisation to a potential candidate. If you sell it well, you’ll improve the quality of your response. So think about the benefits of the role (salary/benefits/career development/working environment and culture) and ensure they come across clearly. 

– Decide on the most effective routes to assessing the skills and behaviours you’re looking for (for more detail please request our ‘guide to hiring’). Select your interviewers, your scoring/assessment process and establish the stages and dates of the recruitment process. This will appeal to good candidates and give a professional and credible image for your business. 

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