Mistakes you are making on your CV

Your CV is the first piece of contact a recruiter or perspective employer has with you – it has to work hard, selling your skills and experience to ensure you stand out from the crowd and opening the door to your next opportunity. 

Here at Cranleigh Personnel we understand CV writing, we’ve seen it all! If you feel your CV isn’t getting the pick-up it deserves, here’s some of the common mistakes you may be making…


Never underestimate the importance of clear, concise formatting. Use font size 12, anything smaller will be hard to read and anything larger will impact the length of your CV. 

You cannot control how your CV will be viewed, so ensure you create it in a standard programme (Microsoft Word or Abode PDF) and that it can be viewed/printed in black and white without effecting the quality. 

Concise content

Don’t hide your work experience and relevant qualifications under less relevant sections of your CV. Ensure recruiters and employers can quickly and concisely find the key information that tells them if you are a suitable candidate for the role. 

If you’re writing or rewriting a CV – read our detailed, how to guide here

Word count 

It’s a balance – you need to ensure your CV accurately reflects what you do and what you know, whilst remaining concise. Your CV should not exceed two pages of A4. Keep any personal statements or profiles to 4-6 lines. 

If you have industry relevant qualifications, position these higher up your CV than older, more generic qualifications. 

If you have held multiple roles in the workplace, give detailed descriptions for the last 3 roles. 


We know there is conflicting information out there, the internet is full of CV experts and writers – but they don’t know Wealth Planning Practises like we do. Click here to find our detailed, specific CV templates for Wealth Planning roles and ensure the layout of your CV isn’t holding you back from success. 

Quality control 

Before you press send, do one final check – is that word definitely spelt correctly? Is that definitely the right place for a ! , or ;. Spelling and Grammar mistakes are easily made but have an impact on how your CV is received.