Key Steps to Hiring

As an SME, the health of your business relies on your small, but strong team. The Wealth Planning industry is candidate led market and this can, occasionally, cause mild panic when it comes to recruiting within the industry. 

If you are looking to grow your team or replace a role, it’s so important that you stop and consider exactly what and who you are looking for and how you will assess each candidate according to the job spec before beginning the recruitment process. 

We have put together the following key steps to recruiting in the Wealth Planning industry, however if you need any additional help then please, get in touch. 

– Review the vacancy and work out the objective of the role.

– Don’t just use the same job spec from the last time you hired for this role, things will have changed. 

– Next, decide what the key tasks are that this person will be responsible for. 

– Get specific, when they come in to work, what will they do?

– Decide what knowledge (including required experience) is needed.

– Is there a certain course or qualification needed? If not, what experience would make the right candidate stand out to you?

– Next, what skills are needed for the role?

– Is it very technical? Is there anything unusual that might be overlooked with general interview questions?

– Then any behavioural traits?

– Think about what would help them do the job – do they need to stay calm under pressure? Or would someone with high energy do the job better?

– Agree a list of core competencies in order for an employee to be able to fulfil the role and then… work out what each competency actually means!

– These are the things a candidate needs to be capable of to get the job done. Get specific on what is needed and what is just a bonus. 

– Decide on a grading against each competency for entry level people, through to senior level e.g. perhaps 4 levels/stages

– This will help you take emotion out of your decision and make it points based

– Produce a series of questions for each competency and for each grade of competency 

– By asking the right questions you will find the best candidate

– Questions will either be “describe a time” or “if you were faced with… what would you do” types of styles.

We have an excellent bank of competency-based questions, give them a read and ensure you are well prepared for your first interview.

If you’d like to continue the conversation, ask a question or discuss your Wealth Planning recruitment needs – we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch at or 01483 279837.