Flexible vs Remote

The global pandemic accelerated the ‘Workplace Digital Revolution’, with millions of us leaving the office in March 2020 and working remotely from the safety of our own homes. 

For many, this was a welcome step into a more flexible work life – but do you know the difference between flexible working and remote working? 

Remote Working: 

– You are predominately based from home but have an office location
– You work fixed hours every day (e.g. 9am – 5pm)
You have a more traditional team structure
Your colleagues will expect to contact you throughout the day 

Flexible Working: 

– You can work from anywhere
Your working hours do not conform to the ‘traditional’ working day
Your colleagues will not expect to contact you at any time throughout the day 

Remote working (often called Working From Home) is one type of flexible working, but does not embrace the same ‘anytime, anywhere’ approach as flexible working. 

Whilst every business will have its own requirements, a truly flexible approach to working could help you recruit talent from a much wider pool of candidates. 

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