Company Culture – What Is It and How Do You Shape It?

It’s a term that gets used a lot in recruitment. Company Culture. But what does it mean? What is a company’s culture? How are cultures created? And what should candidates be looking out for? 

What is company culture: 

In short, culture is the working environment your team operate in. It’s a reflection of the physical and mental wellbeing of your colleagues and how business is conducted within your organisation. A good culture will result in a happy team, long serving members of staff and a healthy, productive business. A toxic culture can have the opposite effect, high staff turnover, unsettled colleagues and a negative impact on business. 

How is the culture created: 

Created by the leadership team and shaped by the wider team, culture is a wide-ranging term that can include: team social events, financial bonuses, perks, flexible working arrangements, structure and regular reviews. 

How to spot a good company culture: 

It’s not easy to gauge a company culture from the outside, but there are a few identifiers you can look out for. 

– Glassdoor & Google reviews
– Staff turnover/length of service of current team
Website and Social Media activity 

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