Business Owners: Your People Are Your Power

If your business is anything like mine; you started out alone. Then, in time, business got so busy you needed to take on help. In more time, you needed more help and the team grew and grew.

As you hire a team, you trust them to take on the tasks you no longer have time for and, crucially, to complete them to the same standard you did.

Your team come to represent you, your business and all that stands for. This is why your people are your power.
Here are my three top tips for ensuring you find, and retain, the very best team members:

1. Invest in the recruitment process. Work with specialist agencies to find quality candidates and then invest your time into the interview process. I always recommend a competency-based interview style (this will ensure the candidate is the right person for the role and not just the most likeable).

2. Provide clear direction, training and support. Even experienced new hires require a little extra attention as they settle in. Ensure you and your existing team are present and available to offer on the job training, direction and demonstration. You’ll be amazed at how much positive impact it can have on new team member.

3. Invest in your people and reward success. It’s important that your team feel their hard work is acknowledged and rewarded. Typically this will mean paid for training or qualifications, targets, bonuses and service awards. You should conduct regular appraisals with your team and ensure communication of wants and needs is two way.